Friday, March 5, 2010

My bigfoot shawl

Since this is making a comeback over on the 'ville, I decided to post it here too. Enjoy!

I used RHSS in autumn/fall. Size I hook. Approx 25-30oz yarn.

1.) Chain 202. (I got this number by getting the chain long enough to go from one hand to the other over my shoulders, so feel free to change the number of chains.)

2.) HDC in 3rd ch fr hk & in each ch across. ch 1, turn

3.) HDC dec* in first 2 sts. Hdc in each ch across to last 2 sts, hdc dec in these sts.

Repeat row 3 until it comes to a point.

HDC DEC: yo, insert hk in st, pull up a loop, yo insert hook in next st, pull up a loop. (5 loops on hook) yo & pull thru all 5 lps on hk.

This is a very comfortable shawl. I am able to wrap up in it nicely. The point comes down to the back of my knees (I'm 5'4). This is my first attempt at trying to write down what I've made so I hope that I did it right! I hope you try it, Enjoy!

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