Wednesday, March 30, 2011


No drilling at the dentist! WHOO HOOO! The kidlet just needs better brushing habits. We don't call her "Swiper" for nothing! I don't remember being the way she is at that age. Perhaps like fine wine, memory gets better with age. Or we just make our memories better than they actually should be. Hmmm......

Sunday, March 27, 2011


My darling daughter is 11. Lord help me make until she is 18! When does the attitude go away? My mom says she'll let me know when she does. lol. Anyway dd has her first cavity and is going to the dentist on Tuesday. Drilling. Yea! I don't know who is dreading it more, me or her. I hate the dentist with a passion but I put on the brave face for her. But this does help with my no candy rule. Now if my mom would just get the memo....

Monday, March 14, 2011


My daughter is now in 5th grade. While I love being a homeschooling mom, I really hate fractions. lol. We just got done a 3 month section on fractions. I had to look up how to divide them because I had forgotten! My brain was just about fried from the sheer madness of it all! I had one of those mommy moments where you have to decide to lie to your child or be honest. She asked me "When will I ever use this in my grownup life?" I honestly couldn't come up with an answer for it. So I just went with cooking. I showed her the fractions on the measuring cups and she was satisfied. FOR NOW! On a brighter note, hubby and I went on a grownups only vacation to Luray VA. The picture is from the front of the cabin we rented.